My Tam fans enjoy the remix 'Do not ask me'


Appears in the music and fashion event in District 7, HCMC My Tam made the audience enjoy the song “Do not ask me”.
On 11/11, My Tam surprise when appearing in the black robe with the remix Do not ask me . This is the first time that the singer has brought a vibrant version of the song that has become a phenomenon of the Vietnamese music scene to the stadium. The track has reached over 16 million views on You Tube.

My Tam continues to perform costumes on the stage. She only took less than 10 seconds to peel from the discreet images with black robes into a seductive image with gold tassels.

My Tam continues to send the audience to the story as story has not started and Where alone she is excited. She showed danced dance moves with dancers.

Toc Tien opens the show with a mash up I Am In Love, Tomorrow, Walk Away with the ability to master the stage with vocal power, hot dance

Only C and Miu Le show two songs Love is tha thu, Love a person perhaps.

Miu Le surprised the audience because of the round shape than before. Many directors said this time it was difficult to invite her to participate in the film because she wanted to spend some time recharging after filming.

Soobin Hoàng Sơn, stirred the stage with the songs associated with his name with the vibrant mix.

Đông Nhi brought two items On Top and Bad Boy with the support of the group. Previously, when the event held in Hanoi she could not participate because of the schedule.

Noo Phuoc Thinh conquered the audience of the stadium Military Zone 7 with three songs Wanna Say I Love, I am a star and I love it.

Truc Nhan and Min show two songs of the four words, jealousy.

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