My Le released the MV ‘Song from a secret garden’


My Le performed music video “Song from a secret garden” in many places in Hue such as Ngự Uyển Đại Nội, An Hiên, đồi thông Thiên An.

Mỹ Lệ – Song from a secret garden

MV “Song from a secret garden” – My Le. The video is part of a series of projects promoting the country’s beauty. Video: Youtube Omile.

My Le said that she and director Dao Duc Thanh came up with the content idea of a woman sitting in a garden with a diary page reminiscent of her childhood and young girl. It is a picture of a little girl picking flowers with her limbs bound in rings, dreaming of becoming a princess, pickpocketing, wild raspberries and bright enemies as ink, or wading into the lake to break lotus in the Ngu Uyen Dai Noi. .. “Childhood gardens nourish my soul, love of music and nature,” My Le said.

In the video My Le both played the cello and performed the famous song from a secret garden (Rolf Lovland), Ly Huynh Long and Hoang Huy Long mixed air.

The singer said that at first it took three months to find a scene in Ho Chi Minh City, Long Hai, and Long An, but could not choose the right location, had to bring the team to Hue, the budget doubled. She was happy when the director found two faces that played the character of her childhood and adolescence like her two daughters.

My Le returned to the music scene after a seven-year hiatus last October. The singer was born in 1972, the daughter of musician Hoang Song Huong. In 1997, My Le moved from her hometown of Quang Binh to Ho Chi Minh City to sing. In the early 2000s, her voice was loved through the following songs: And cơn mưa tới (Bảo Chấn), Cho nhau một nụ cười (Minh Châu), Vầng trăng đêm trôi (nhạc Hoa, lời: Lê Quang) .. In 2005, she married an entrepreneur. In 2013, she stopped singing to give birth to a third child and take care of her family.

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