Musicians "million view" of Vpop gathered together in messaging MV positive living


On November 12th, the MV “Mặt trời vẫn tới mỗi ngày” was officially released, with the participation of six artists “triệu view” in the showbiz Vietnam is Dam Vinh Hung, Noo Phuoc Thinh, Huong Giang, Van Mai Huong, Hoa Minzy and Erik. It is known that all six artists are immediately accepted to participate and support the project without any significant factors profit from the product or the level of the sand.
“Mặt trời vẫn tới mỗi ngày” is a 7-day music video recording real-life moments and sounds. Not only in the song, all 6 of Vopop’s artists have appeared together in the MV, experience doing ordinary tasks and mixing up the optimistic, cheerful pace, besides 60 people living in one Old building in Saigon.
Video: MV “Mặt trời vẫn tới mỗi ngày” (watch video below)

Unlike many music videos on the subject of love, “Mặt trời vẫn tới mỗi ngày” wants to convey to the audience another aspect of life through music. That is the human values ​​in life: Although there are many chaos, worries around us still have bright smile, the people are always optimistic and life. This world is not only built by lavish, splendid, but also created by the radiant energy, positive from the people, like mặt trời vẫn tới mỗi ngày.

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