In the latest MV Ballad "Đi Tìm Người Yêu", Suni Ha Linh released new MV for her fans


In the latest MV Ballad “Đi Tìm Người Yêu“, Suni Ha Linh shows a cute, sweet girl image, wanting to confess to the guy she loves.
On Dec 26, singer Suni Ha Linh released the MV Đi Tìm Người Yêu. The gentle ballad fits her voice. This is considered as a gift that the singer gives fans the end of the year.

Video: Suni Hạ Linh – Đi Tìm Người Yêu
Đi Tìm Người Yêu is a song composed by Duong Khac Linh and Shyn Hong Bay. The song has a gentle melody, bright lyrics that match the light and thin voice and musical direction that the singer pursues.
It can be said, Đi Tìm Người Yêu is a safe choice, not new and unexpected. Both music and images revolve around the shy, gentle emotions that the familiar audience had before.
The MV to Find Nguoi Yeu has a main context in Da Lat city, which was undertaken by director Minduke with 2 days of filming. The MV to Find a Lover tells the process of a girl preparing a special gift for someone she secretly loves. The lovely memories of the two are kept by the girl in mind. The topic of confession is also used by Suni Ha Linh in many of its music products like Say Yes, Feelings of Sun, Like It …
Reportedly, the MV to Find a Lover is Suni Ha Linh and has been working on it for over a year. Due to not being able to make a debut at the end of last year, the crew decided to move to this point.
Together with Suni Ha Linh is Le Hung – a face known to young audiences through funny vlogs on YouTube.
Currently, Suni Ha Linh is in the process of making its own album, scheduled to be released in March 2019. Next time, she still pursues a cheerful and positive image towards young audiences, especially women.

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