Ho Le Thu's new music is controversial because of the sexy and suggestive image


Recently, singer Ho Le Thu returned to the country to present her latest MV audiences entitled CÒN TRÁCH NHAU LÀM GÌ. This is also a musical gift that overseas singer sent to the audience after 18 years away from home.
What is responsible for the composition of composer Nguyen Hong Thuan. The pop ballad song, written specifically for overseas vocal and musician, makes the listener uncomfortable by the falling lyrics, but also helps the vocalist to maximize the vocal strength of her inner and outer voice. My exposure that this is the MV by Ho Le Thu co-directed with the budget of nearly 1 billion.
MV CÒN TRÁCH NHAU LÀM GÌ by Ho Le Thu herself wrote the script and Diep Van as director, was made as a short film, with a budget of nearly 1 billion.

MV of Duy Han – Boyfriend of MC Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen, daughter of Ho Le Thu – Phi Anh, Lam My Van, MC Phuong Loan, Mulan, Diep Phi, Ngoc Mai …
The hot scenes in the music video, Ho Le Thu made the audience hot as well as being shocked by the very hot passion with handsome actor Duy Han, boyfriend of MC Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen. The hot scenes of this type have not been shown with any other singer except the couple Ho Ngoc Ha – Kim Ly. This made the audience more question mark.
Share the level of investment for this music product, the singer said in the premiere: “The price of the implementation of any level, but for the MV is so beautiful, really can not Lack of modern equipment and techniques to make the product shimmer. All machines and especially cams for this MV are all equipped with top class machines and have the latest machine in Vietnam. This MV is lucky to be the first. ”
CÒN TRÁCH NHAU LÀM GÌ is the music product marking 28 years of singing Ho Le Thu. At the premiere of the MV, the former Techno member revealed that she hopes to make a comeback to celebrate her career.
Ho Le Thu is a famous female singer in the overseas market. In the years 1990-2000, she was warmly welcomed by local and foreign audiences through albums such as như Một Thoáng Hương Tình, Buồn Ơi Chào Mi, Giấc Mơ Tình Yêu, Fly, Để Ta Say, Hững Hờ … After 18 years of operation On the overseas market, Ho Le Thu is one of the main vocalists of the Trung tâm Thúy Nga.
As said that after this MV project, Ho Le Thu is planning a live show to commemorate her 28th anniversary of her singing profession.

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